Plum Island

I just spent a month and a half in the beautiful beach town of Plum Island, MA where my parents own a cottage that I’ve been visiting my whole life (one of my friends even teased that I’m part of the 1%).  After my residency at I-Park I really wanted to return to a place that was quiet and reclusive, to continue some of the work I had started.   The house needed some various repairs and is usually empty in the chillier fall months, so I subletted my apartment, packed up my trusty cat, a car full of gear and headed north.  I was able to set my own work schedule and able to spend most of my time practicing trombone and piano, building on my Max/MSP patch and composing.  I turned the main bedroom into my studio, and with it’s dark wood and vaulted ceilings, late, late at night it became my sonic temple where I would listen to the music of Arvo Pärt, Phil Niblock, Oren Ambarchi, David Lang and Boris at epic volumes (I never did hear any complaints from the neighbors).  Perfect music to ponder the universe on dark, cold nights, all alone.

Eventually it got too cold in the house (which is not insulated) and I had to move on.   I wish life could always be so simple, I’m not sure what Sibelius was complaining about…
Here’s a brief sampling of some various sounds I was experimenting with-

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