Outer Dark

A few months ago my good friend Jessi Patz asked me to compose something for a new dance piece she’s been creating. Jessi does all kinds of dance so I wasn’t quite sure what it would be, but I can tell you it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen. Slow and unearthly, it was quite an interesting challenge to create something that fit, which includes processed samples of frogs, cats, birds and insects. Below is an excerpt that may give you an idea of how the piece will look, and more info from Jessi. Tickets are free, and I highly recommend checking this out.

Outerdark-excerpt by srokasonic

“I was selected six months ago along with 9 other artists to take part in Queens Council of the Arts Leap Dance Project. It involved career development classes, peer guidance and a showing (excerpt) of my latest work (this is the fun part)!!!

As most of you know, I have been working hard with Ground Grippers Dance Company fusing modern/jazz with Lindy Hop and other social dances. It has been rewarding and successful!

However, I decided to show something strictly modern and I’m SOOO excited to present an excerpt of my latest work- OUTER DARK. The piece involves myself and 5 of my favorite movers/shakers/dancers – Megan Becker, Colleen Cintron, Becky Radway, Meryl Thurston, and Kate Vincek. The music is perfectly composed by my good friend and talented artist Brett Sroka. Like my work Ground Grippers, I still find myself broadly concerned with the fragility of history, however OUTER DARK is about the forces of progress, triumph and collective accomplishment met equally by stagnation, ruin and slow dissolve. It is dark, very slow and haunting! I LOVE IT! It is still a work in progress, but it’s almost there : )

Please join me in an evening of dance! A preview of this work, along side 8 Queens Council of the Arts selected artists at La Guardia Performing Arts Center! ”

La Guardia Performing Arts Center
Little Theater
LIC, Queens
7 train to 33rd street (it’s only 1 stop past QBPlaza)
Phone: 718-482-5151
email/rsvp: lpac@lagcc.cuny.edu

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