Introducing… CHERUBIM!

Guitarist Yuko Pepe and myself have recently embarked on a collaboration we’re calling Cherubim. We’ve been playing together for the past few years in the noise, rock, improv, collective 12,000 Trees and wanted to see what that aesthetic paired down to the two of us would sound like. Cherubim is also a completely improvised project, with Yuko’s unique approach to sound, using guitar and fx, and and my trombone playing, singing and Max/MSP sampling of all of the above. It has yielded some interesting results so far, below are two tracks from our upcoming EP. We’ll be doing one of our first live gigs on Friday, July 6th at La Sala in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (at the old location of Monkey Town) and more in the coming months.

Homoptera by bzabza

Monkey Dance by bzabza

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