The Necks

I really love the Australian piano trio the Necks.  They have a collective approach to performing and spontaneously composing that is unparallelled in my opinion.  It generally falls beyond the genre’s of jazz, rock, minimalism and ambient music, but utilizes aspects of them all. Listening to the Necks  (especially live) creates the paradoxical feelings of intense focus, as if being in the midst of a micro-detailed task, and towards the end of a performance, or somewhere in the middle, the awe of a great vista or a roiling ocean surrounding you.   Seeing them at Le Poisson Rouge in 2009 was a mesmerizing, sublime experience.

I quite enjoyed this radio piece discussing their approach-

Not Just Music: collective authoring and new Australian music

Saturday 10 November 2012 4:05PM (view full episode)
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