Ergo recording fund SALE!!!

Soon Ergo will record our fourth album, As Subtle As Tomorrow. To help fund it I’m offering this sale of our last two CD’s for only $10 each (plus shipping)! Every purchase comes with a free copy of our debut album, “Quality Anatomechanical Music Since 2005.” If you’ve ever considered owning one of our recordings now would be a great time to do so and help fund the next one in the process. Thanks for your support.

sincerely, Brett Sroka

“This wildly experimental electro-acoustic ensemble… concocts some strangely compelling music. From the droning, Terry Riley-inspired loops of “Sorrows of the Moon” to the exquisite music box pointillism of “Two For Joy” and the free-jazz vehicle “Little Shadow”, nothing is predictable or tame on If Not Inertia.”
- Jazz Times

“[Ergo] has a deft touch when it comes to molding silence and drones into rich celestial balladry. The subtleties of the new multitude, solitude are a nifty confluence of George Lewis’s dreamscapes and Miles’s Lonely Fire, and while it’s a record that invites you to watch the embers glow, it does its fair share of shooting off sparks.”
- The Village Voice

“…part of a generation for which Autechre and Sigur Ros are as pressing concerns as Armstrong and Sun Ra. That’s certainly evident in the timbral sophistication, spacey contours and slinky grooves of the band’s debut record, Quality Anatomechanical Music Since 2005.”
- Time Out, New York

(please calculate the appropriate shipping amount for overseas orders. Thank you.)

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