André Vida’s Moving Scores installation and performance

I was really thrilled earlier this year to be a part of saxophonist Andre Vida’s Moving Scores. The Wire published this wonderful video documentation of it on their site.
André Vida’s Moving Scores was an installation of films and animated musical notations that took place at Eyebeam space between10–13 April 2014 as part of The Tri-Centric Music Festival and Eyebeam’s CT-SWaM series. Over the course of three days a group of musicians spent time in the installation, developing their individual interpretations of the piece. The event culminated with a final long duration performance of Moving Scores on 13 April.

Interpretations by:
Sara Shoenbeck – bassoon
Christa Robinson – english horn
Loren Dempster – cello
Brett Sroka – trombone
Jay Rozen – tuba
Jordan Mclean – piccolo trumpet
Daniel Neumann – spatial reconfigurations
André Vida – C-melody saxophone

Video shot and edited by Ross Karre

For more information about Moving Scores contact

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