Sine Qua Non featuring Alicia Hall Moran at Fridman Gallery

I’m very excited to invite you to the third iteration of my piece Sine Qua Non, presented by CT-SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions at Fridman Gallery, August 28, 8pm (performance) 29-30, 12-6pm (installation). Sine Qua Non is an electro-acoustic performance that transforms into a generative sound installation, with this latest iteration featuring singer Alicia Hall Moran, acclaimed for her work in Porgy & Bess, the 2012 Whitney Biennial, and collaborations with Bill T. Jones, Carrie Mae Weams and her husband Jason Moran, among others.

Friday, August 28: performance 8pm, 29-30: installation 12-6pm
Fridman Gallery
287 Spring St, New York, NY
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In something like a Mobius strip of sonic ideas, Hall Moran is sampled and processed live by Sroka with a Max/MSP software instrument, her singing becomes her accompaniment and foil and the improvisation develops through electronic abstraction and acoustic response. As the physical performance concludes the sampled fragments slowly take over, and the computer performance continues to evolve via generative processing. Seven unique outputs of the Max/MSP instrument are each mapped to a separate speaker, immersing the gallery in an ever-changing abstraction of the performance over the following two days.

CT-SWaM Summer Spatial Sound Series

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