10/17 Anthony Vine: For Pierre Soulages • 10/20 Eurydice

Hello friends,
I want to let you know about two events happening this week-

10/17 Anthony Vine commission: For Pierre Soulages at Lévy Gorvy

10/19-20 Doppelgänger Projects: Eurydice – upstate in Hillsdale, NY

This Thursday, October 17, through my role as cultural program curator at Lévy Gorvy Gallery we have commissioned a new work by composer Anthony Vine for the Rhythm Method string quartet in response to our exhibition Pierre Soulages: A Century, a prelude to the artist’s solo exhibition at the Musée du Louvre, Paris, opening in December 2019. Anthony Vine is a composer who crafts a meticulous, beautiful and fragile sound world that focuses the listener on the act of aural perception. Vine has drawn inspiration from visual artists who comparably play with the perception of light and color, saying:

“What immediately strikes me about Soulages’ work is the ephemeral identity of his highly reflective canvases. Forms continuously emerge and dissolve due to the room, lighting, and spatial orientation of the viewer. I am quite interested in a similar phenomena in sound—resultant tones, interference patterns, and sympathetic resonances that emerge from and react with the architecture they inhabit. In For Pierre Soulages, I use sustained tones, precisely tuned frequencies, and sinusoidal sounds to foreground and maximize this type of acoustical phenomena. The quartet presents a monolithic plane of tones—a sonic monochrome of sorts—that subtly flickers and reflects off the surfaces and bodies in the space.”

Next Sunday, October 20 at 1pm, I will perform a site-responsive environmental sound work as part of Doppelgänger Projects – Eurydice, a weekend of programmed art installation, viewings, and performance upstate in Hillsdale, NY, including artists Eryka Dellenbach, Katherine Finkelstein, Alison Kudlow, and Alex Wolkowicz. You can find the full schedule here.

“Eurydice, traversing lightly between the stones of a cloistered forest cemetery in Hillsdale, NY, acts as a gentle birdsong, quavering through the din of seclusion, calling to those who came and left before us. Placing objects, projecting light and sound, reading words in eulogy, and using figures and forms to honor and recognize those both present and passed, venerating the layers of deep time and memory we sink into, reaching out beyond the veil to a profound articulation of peace.”

I hope to see you there or somewhere soon.

newer everyday,


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