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Jen Shyu at Dominique Lévy Gallery

Through a serendipitous intersection in my life, my work at Dominique Lévy Gallery has evolved to include occasional music programming, and on June 7th we will present the phenomenal Jen Shyu in a performance of her Solo Rites: Seven Breaths. I saw this gorgeous and intense piece premiered at Roulette in 2014 and thought it would be a wonderful compliment to the first U.S. solo exhibition and career survey of the Korean, monochrome artist Chung Sang-Hwa, presented in collaboration between Dominique Lévy Gallery and Greene Naphtali Gallery. This is a FREE event with RSVP to

“She has drawn large parts of her music from travel and study in places including East Timor, Taiwan and Indonesia, where she has learned spoken languages, folk narratives, dances and instrumental techniques… There’s great erudition in her work, but she wears it lightly; what you notice, both in her singing and her band-leading, is wild originality, purpose and discipline.” – The New York Times
Chung Sang-Hwa

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Tomorrow, Ergo will perform in celebration of our new release, As subtle as tomorrow on Cuneiform Records.

It was a long road to make and finally get this music released, over two years the seven pieces were composed concurrently, sharing melodies, motifs all while developing the Max/MSP software instrument that would transform those acoustic components into electronic reflections. The post-production took just as long, but has been a fulfilling process, bringing me together with so many collaborators, including the good folks of Cuneiform records, the musicians, various recording engineers, photographers, and visual artists, including one of my oldest friends, artist Alex Barry, who made this stunning watercolor animation for Yet but, from the new record.

No project ever turns out as magnificently as you imagine at the outset, but I feel really proud of this one. With so much great music out there my hope is that this record at least occupies a place of it’s own in today’s jazz landscape, and I hope you can join us tomorrow.

Brett Sroka

Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 8pm & 10pm
Ergo – Record Release Show
Cornelia St. Cafe

29 Cornelia St.
New York, NY
$10 cover, $10 minimum
facebook event page

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Reviews are starting to come in for As subtle as tomorrow

Check out this one from Exclaim!

“Fans of the ECM sound will identify closely with the subtlety and thought that this music demonstrates, and hardcore jazz fans will just have to accept the fact that great music includes computers.”

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As subtle as tomorrow

Ergo’s fourth record, As subtle as tomorrow is out now on Cuneiform Records

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Sine Qua Non featuring Alicia Hall Moran at Fridman Gallery

I’m very excited to invite you to the third iteration of my piece Sine Qua Non, presented by CT-SWaM Spatial Sound Summer Sessions at Fridman Gallery, August 28, 8pm (performance) 29-30, 12-6pm (installation). Sine Qua Non is an electro-acoustic performance that transforms into a generative sound installation, with this latest iteration featuring singer Alicia Hall Moran, acclaimed for her work in Porgy & Bess, the 2012 Whitney Biennial, and collaborations with Bill T. Jones, Carrie Mae Weams and her husband Jason Moran, among others.

Friday, August 28: performance 8pm, 29-30: installation 12-6pm
Fridman Gallery
287 Spring St, New York, NY
facebook event page

In something like a Mobius strip of sonic ideas, Hall Moran is sampled and processed live by Sroka with a Max/MSP software instrument, her singing becomes her accompaniment and foil and the improvisation develops through electronic abstraction and acoustic response. As the physical performance concludes the sampled fragments slowly take over, and the computer performance continues to evolve via generative processing. Seven unique outputs of the Max/MSP instrument are each mapped to a separate speaker, immersing the gallery in an ever-changing abstraction of the performance over the following two days.

CT-SWaM Summer Spatial Sound Series

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talking stjörnur

This past September at the Arteles Creative Center in Finland I contributed sound to a site specific, light mapping installation by French multi-media artist Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff. Bart is a brilliant person, versed in sculpture, video, theater, digital arts, installation and co-founder of the Paris-based collective Iduun, and I hope we can collaborate again soon.

talking stjörnur – site specific installation from Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff on Vimeo.

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Get a clue

From Novembers NYC Jazz Record

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André Vida’s Moving Scores installation and performance

I was really thrilled earlier this year to be a part of saxophonist Andre Vida’s Moving Scores. The Wire published this wonderful video documentation of it on their site.
André Vida’s Moving Scores was an installation of films and animated musical notations that took place at Eyebeam space between10–13 April 2014 as part of The Tri-Centric Music Festival and Eyebeam’s CT-SWaM series. Over the course of three days a group of musicians spent time in the installation, developing their individual interpretations of the piece. The event culminated with a final long duration performance of Moving Scores on 13 April.

Interpretations by:
Sara Shoenbeck – bassoon
Christa Robinson – english horn
Loren Dempster – cello
Brett Sroka – trombone
Jay Rozen – tuba
Jordan Mclean – piccolo trumpet
Daniel Neumann – spatial reconfigurations
André Vida – C-melody saxophone

Video shot and edited by Ross Karre

For more information about Moving Scores contact

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Musiikkia Brooklyn – Kalmaa

Finnish Kantele and Jouhikko player Rauno Nieminen and New York based composer and computer musician Brett Sroka have developed a new collaboration while Sroka is in residence at the Arteles Creative Center, in Haukijärvi, Finland. Through Sroka’s live computer processing of Nieminen’s music, the duo create rich tapestries of electro-acoustic sound, exploring Finnish music in new and experimental ways and finding commonalities of cultures, history and technology.

Sunday, September 8, 2014 4pm
Sorkkistentie 9
27510 Eura, Finland

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