I just had one of the most gratifying artistic and personal experiences of my life as an artist in residence at I-Park foundation in Connecticut, where I was housed, fed, given a studio in an idyllic natural surrounding (except for the ticks) and then left to my devices.  Before going I was afraid that I would have a month long writers block and wouldn’t be able to focus everyday for a month.  What I didn’t consider was that I’d be surrounded by six other fantastic artists in various mediums (visual, conceptual, installation, sculpture, writing), from all over the world (South Korea, The Netherlands, Brazil) and feel inspired to live up to the high level of creativity present.  I was able to get right to work and have started on a new series of pieces, which although still far in the distance I can see quite clearly.  After this experience I consider these people old friends already, I hope to see them all again soon.  Take a minute to see their work online:

Jungki Beak
Ed Bisese

Linda Molenaar
Cameron Hockenson

(Playwright Claire Willet and visual/conceptual artist Bruno Cancado need to get on it and get some web presence.)

At the last minute Jungki Beak asked for my help with a concept for his underwater sound installation to have some sort of wave form follow this 360 image of the trees around the pond. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to fully realize it, I hope we can in the future. This is an image of a Max/MSP experiment patch I attempted for it (and then altered for the I-Park scrapbook)-

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