Thank you Eva Hild!

I first encountered the work of Swedish sculptor Eva Hild in 2007 at the Nancy Margolis Gallery in Manhattan and was immediately enthralled and astounded. Her ceramic sculptures have a motion and momentum to them that draws you inside and speaks to the infinite, and at the same time are made out of a thin, delicate, bone-like material that speaks to the temporal. Years later these works stuck with me and when I needed an image for the cover of “If Not Inertia” I thought it would be a long shot to contact her and ask permission, but she was incredibly gracious and said yes! Thank you Eva!

Breaking Up Doublethis review by Roberta Smith from the New York Times says it better than I can:
”…In any event, consider the astonishing sculptures of the young Swedish artist Eva Hild, a new star in the ceramics firmament. Her white, paper-thin, hand-built forms are full of holes and curve endlessly in on themselves. Made of a fine stoneware with a white matte glaze, they might be berserk Möbius strips, New Age mollusks or models for loose-limbed mathematical equations… But they still have plenty left over that is all their own, and it flows out of them like some sort of Loop 785pure, gorgeous, momentarily materialized sound. Among the parallel art worlds that are Chelsea, they deserve to be heard by all.”Complex

In the studio

Loop Around



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